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This is a great class for beginners and experienced alike.  Focused on alignment in poses so students can familiarize within their body and deepen their practice and understanding.


A class taught with unique yoga pose sequences built by yoga instructors and leans towards a more challenging practice focused on core.  All are welcome as we learn to honor and shift to meet our needs and abilities.


Soul flow is a slower, softer, and less complex practice than Empower Flow. In the same way Empower flow practices one breath per pose flow, though some instructors will allow for more time in each pose before transitioning, in a Soul Flow class instructors will guide you in the same way with a lighter pace. 


In the on-the-go world we live in it is our norm to never slow down.  this style beckons us to relax, breath, surrender and find deep stretch. It is a time to go inward and feel our way back into our bodies as each pose is held for roughly 3-5 minutes we have time to breath through those rising discomforts


 This style is set in its order of poses, which provides structure and focus for those of us that need it. Starting with Sun Salutations, standing, seated, inverted and back-bending poses, this practice provides challenge in the physical postures.


"Yogic Sleep" offers an experience that allows you to rest into guided imagery, surrender and deep relaxation.  This practice literally works on an neurological level and one session feels like you had 4 hours of rest.  It is sometimes challenging to sit in stillness for meditation and calm the mind, these styles offer an opportunity to receive the benefits of meditation while lying down in savasana. 


Restorative yoga is a receptive, prop-intensive practice of mindful resting to bring a deep sense of relaxation and healing to the body. Restorative is all about slowing down! In this class you will hold yoga poses (asanas) for a longer duration while being supported by props like blocks, blankets, bolsters, and more for a passive stretching experience. 


We hope you join us in our space and find yourself in a welcoming environment to explore the many benefits of yoga has to offer to all of us.  Please take a minute to set up your account, purchase your pass and reserve your spot for classes.  Also take a minute to cancel if you will not make it.

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